Angels, Devils, and Players

Last weekend, Stacy and I went to a Halloween party. This was my fourth time going, and it’s always a lot of fun. We started planning our costumes at least a month ago, and were really looking forward to cutting loose and just having a good time.

Back in August, we went to a party with the same group of people, and I met Aaron and Julie, a married couple whom I had seen before but never met. They were very nice and seemed very much in love. The night I met them was the night before their first anniversary. I remember telling them they gave me hope for finding someone myself. When we walked in to the Halloween party, we saw both Aaron and Julie right away, and they were happy to see us.

Several of our friends, whom we don’t get to see very often, were there and we were all drinking, laughing, and dancing. There was a guy sitting at the next table, whose chair was right beside mine, and I commented to Stacy that he had nice shoulders {in case I haven’t mentioned it, nice shoulders on a guy are a big turn-on for me}. He turned and commented on something Stacy said, and we started talking. He was cute and really nice. He said he wasn’t into playing games, that he was looking for something more long-term. We really hit it off and he asked me to slow dance.

After we went back to our table and kept talking, Aaron came walking by and I gave him a hard time for not having worn a costume. We joked back and forth for a minute, then he leaned over and said that if he had met me before he’d met his wife, that we’d be dating. I was so surprised at what he said that I don’t know if I even responded. He went on to say, “You’re a beautiful woman and you have an amazing body. Trust me, you’d be a very happy woman.” He walked away and I was standing there completely dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe he said that to me with his wife sitting right across the room.

Randall {the guy I had danced with etc} and I kept talking, and he said I was exactly his type and he wanted me to be his girl. I was really enjoying hanging out with him. He was 40, single, and retired Navy. Suddenly, we heard a commotion on the other side of the ballroom, and saw that there was a fight starting. There were both men and women involved, yelling and hitting and carrying on. When I saw the scuffle moving toward our side of the room, I tapped Randall on the shoulder and said we should get out of there. He was intently watching the fight, so I got up and left him sitting there and made my way out to the hall, where Stacy was.

Apparently, it had all started because two people were having sex {or were trying to} in the hall. Someone saw them and reported it to one of the moderators, who tried to kick them out. Their friends all joined in and it turned into a brawl.

This is the second time I’ve seen such a fight at one of these parties, and both times, Aaron was involved. The first time, he had come dressed like a cheerleader {complete with fake boobs and a wig}. Right after he won the costume contest, he got in a fight with a big girl dressed like a caveman. It’s kinda hard NOT to laugh at a grown man dressed like a woman trying to act tough and yelling at a woman who was easily nearly a foot taller than him and had to outweigh him by a good 80 lbs.

This time, Aaron was involved because he was acting as security/bouncer for the party and was trying to remove the offending parties. There was a lot of yelling and hitting and people holding other people back.

Again, it’s just comical to watch people so furious and fighting when they’re dressed in costumes. The girl who started it all was dressed as a devil, one girl trying to break it up had changed out of her gangster costume and into footie pajamas, another girl yelling and carrying on was dressed like Snooki, and a variety of superheroes stood around watching.

The police were called and eventually the whole thing broke up and everyone was told to disperse. Randall was getting ready to head home, so we exchanged numbers, kissed a little, and said our goodbyes. He said he’d call me the next day.

True to his word, he texted and then called the next morning. He made it clear that he was very interested in me and said that he would definitely come see me {he lives a few hours away}. He said he usually came to my hometown once a month or so for his job, so it wouldn’t be difficult to make plans to meet sometime.

It didn’t take long, however, before he showed his true colors. Later that evening we were talking on the phone and I mentioned that I was home alone because my daughter was still with her dad. He said, “Aw, too bad I’m not there. We could be bumpin’ and grindin’.” I said, “Umm, no we wouldn’t.” He seemed very indignant and asked why not. I told him I’d only just met him the day before and that I don’t just jump in the sack with guys like that. He tried to say that he wasn’t talking about sex. Sure… I don’t know about you, but I don’t describe hanging out and watching movies as ‘bumpin’ and grindin’.’

Needless to say, I haven’t heard from him since, which cracked me up. He sat there at the party talking about how he’s not looking for booty calls, that he wants something serious etc, but totally shut down when I made it clear that I’m not a sure thing. He might not have worn a costume, but I know a dog when I see one.

What a crazy freakin’ night, seriously. Can’t wait til next year’s party!


Another Facebook Fool

It’s amazing to me how often people think I’m either too stupid or too gullible to know what they’re up to, especially when we’re friends on Facebook.

Javier friended me after seeing my picture in a group we’re both part of. We chatted back and forth occasionally, and he was flirtatious. He lived on the other side of the country but worked as a truck driver, and he said that he’d love to meet me in person sometime when he was in the area. He seemed like a very sweet guy. He was a widower with grown kids and said he was really looking for a woman who would make him a priority, not an option.

One weekend, I saw that he had made his way back home for several days and he had posted pics of himself with some woman. He said she had been his high school crush, that they had reconnected, and the old sparks were there. I messaged him saying it looked like he had found a love connection and that I was happy for him. Initially, he claimed to be very excited about reconnecting with this woman and he was happy to have her back in his life. I told him I still wanted to be friends regardless. He continued ‘poking’ me a few times a week on Facebook, meanwhile constantly changing his profile pic to various ones of his lady friend {am I the only one who thinks that’s kinda creepy?}.

Suddenly, he started really flirting with me, acting like I was the one who got away. He said it was too bad we hadn’t been able to meet because he was sure we’d have amazing chemistry. I wondered what his girl back home would say if she knew he was talking to me like that. I said as much, and he said he didn’t know where things were going with her. We chatted off and on, and some of the conversations got fairly suggestive. He said he loved a woman with a round ass and talked about his favorite sexual positions. He said I was just his type and that I turned him on. One night we were playing 20 questions and everything he said was sexual. He started talking again about wanting to meet me, and again I wondered what the story was with this other woman. I got the impression that he thought I was a sure thing, so I told him I’m not easy. His response was, “I see.”

Within days after that, he suddenly changed his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship.’ He posted check-ins along his route, and each one professed his love for this woman in Vietnamese {I looked it up in Google translator}. I sent him a message saying it looked like he had figured out where things were going with her after all. I said I guessed he didn’t need me anymore and admitted that I’m tired of being the one who’s disposable. He claimed that I was ‘closed up’ and that he couldn’t be himself around me because I got offended at everything he said. Oh? I really resented that. I made one comment letting him know that I wouldn’t just fall on the ground with my legs in the air and suddenly I was closed up? I reminded him that he sure didn’t have any trouble being himself around me when he was talking about the size of his package and asking what the kinkiest thing I’d ever done was. He said that it was just a game.

Suddenly it was clear. She would be his lady in the streets and I was to be his freak in the sheets. He thought he could court her and woo her, and when he was in this part of the country he would have me for the fun sexual stuff.

Guess again, pal.

Maybe he didn’t realize that all of his posts showed up in my news feed. Maybe he didn’t care. Either way, he can keep right on truckin’.