The Facebook Fool

When I was still trying the online dating thing, I met Ralph. He was an accountant with two kids and I felt like I had finally met a contender. He was cute and funny and we had great conversations. He told me that lots of guys claim to be nice guys, but that he genuinely was just a really nice guy. After we had been chatting for a week or two, he added me on Facebook. This looked promising!

One day, as I was browsing Facebook, I noticed an exchange between him and some girl. They were taunting each other about a football game, but it sounded very flirtatious. I asked him about it, thinking that if there was someone else he was interested in, I’d bow out gracefully. We hadn’t met yet, so no harm, no foul. He assured me that she was just a friend who used to work with him. I let it go and more or less forgot about it.

We had been trying to make plans to meet, but our busy schedules {not to mention the fact that he lived 45 min away} kept getting in the way. Finally, we were due to meet on an upcoming Saturday. He wanted to take me to his favorite steak place {did this guy know the way to my heart, or what?}. The Wednesday before our first date was to occur, we were texting after work. I asked what he was doing that night and he said it was his best friend’s birthday and that they were going out to dinner. He said he’d call or text when he got home, and I didn’t give it another thought.

Later, I was bored and surfing on Facebook, when I see in my newsfeed that he had been tagged in someone’s post. More specifically, he had been tagged in a girl’s post who was gushing about the wonderful dinner she’d just had and how wonderful he was etc etc. It had clearly been a date, not just a dinner between friends. Oh, and the girl writing the post was the same one he was “just friends” with. NICE.

I followed the post for the next hour or so, as her various friends chimed in wondering who this guy was. He finally piped up to accept the accolades, and said he thought she was wonderful and that he would never hurt her. How NICE! I was sooooo tempted to either click ‘like’ on the comments, or to otherwise call him out in front of God and everybody. I really kind of regret that I didn’t. Instead, I took the semi-high road and sent him a text that said, “Well, I’m assuming our date for this weekend is off. Just friends, huh? Have a nice life. Oh, and btw, you were wrong. You’re not a nice guy. You’re an asshole.” Surprise, surprise, he never responded.




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